3 Reasons Why College Students Love Alpaca Sweaters from Peru

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The name of education is knowledge, not of facts, but of values. This famous sentiment originated from the depths of William S Burroughs’s awakened mindset, and it serves to illustrate why today’s college students are more dialed in to their ethics and responsibility for creating a better world. With knowledge comes opportunities for exercising values in areas that need the most influencing. Knowing this, one’s journey through the halls of academia will shape those scruples and influence the development of mindful scholars.

Now, if this message resonates, you are the ideal person for adding alpaca sweaters to your college wardrobe. Here’s the thing, as a college student you want to look amazing, have apparel items that can accommodate multiple looks, and wear something that showcases your values. When you buy alpaca sweaters from Peru, you fulfill all of these. Alpaca sweaters are perfect for mindful men and women. Here are three reasons why you should consider investing in these affordable, luxurious sweaters so you can look and feel great while sitting in class and walking the campus.

1. Alpaca Sweaters Support Sustainable Living

Did you know that when you buy Peruvian alpaca sweaters from a reputable seller, you support the continuation of historic, family-owned farms? Some of these farms date as far back as the Inca Empire (1200AD – 1532AD), a time when only members of the royal family and nobility wore these sacred fibers. Many of the alpaca sweaters sold by fine retailers are sourced from Peruvian farms that go back multiple generations. When you buy an alpaca cardigan sweater so you can feel cozy while looking stylish, you also support these hard-working families and their community.

2. Eco-Friendly Living and Alpaca Sweaters are Two Sides of the Same Coin

If you care about environmental issues and have firm beliefs on protecting our planet from waste, alpaca sweaters will suit you. One of the main reasons why alpaca sweaters have become so popular is because they are produced ethically. Reputable companies selling alpaca sweaters source the garments from family farms that hand-shear the fibers. These farms also allow the alpaca to roam naturally without being confined to pens where they are free to graze and live life as Mother Nature intended. No pollutant-pumping machinery is used for harvesting alpaca fibers. Finally, even the alpaca itself helps reduce carbon footprints; their naturally soft hooves are gentle on the earth and cause little damage.

3. College Students Save Money when Buying Alpaca Sweaters

Saving money is a value that intelligent, mindful people should have. Another reason why alpaca sweaters are perfect for college students is they save you money. That’s right, spending slightly more on an alpaca sweater as opposed to something priced around $50 at the mall is a money-saver. Every year billions of dollars are spent in “throw-away-fashion”, cheap clothing that only lasts for a year or two. Aside from spending hundreds of dollars every year to update your wardrobe, fast fashion is a leading cause of pollution. So when investing in alpaca sweaters you save some green while making the world a little greener. If properly cared for, alpaca sweaters can last a lifetime. In fact, once your alpaca sweater has reached its third year, you will have already made up the money you would have spent on some poorly-made sweater from a grimey sweatshop with no soul in its story. Instead, wear alpaca sweaters with pride knowing that your purchase is a living testimony to the values you honor the most.

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