Green Solutions: Plant trees with the help of a fire station

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If you travel to Mexico for your Tijuana dental implants you may want to visit the new green areas of the city which were created thanks to the small hands of 140 children from a kindergarten in the area as part of the afforestation activity of the Fire Station number 13 located in the delegation of the East Dam, where 100 trees were planted sponsored by Tijuana Verde de Tijuana Innovadora.

The manager of the Tijuana Verde project, explained that, in addition to planting the trees, it is intended that this activity is absorbed by the community and the people involved, as in this case was the Fire Department, who will be responsible for the care of the planted trees , adding that the next week will be working with the slope.

He pointed out that they started doing it this way, because in some places where it was reforested, they observed that there was no one to take care of the trees and they ended up drying because of lack of care; Regarding the type of plants, he mentioned that they will mostly be Bugambilias.

For his part, the head of the Office of the Fire Department, stressed that they are always available to support projects for the city, also that, with this type of activities could teach children how to get safe in case of a fire through the program “Learn not to burn yourself”, with which the children learned preventive actions to know what to do in case of fire and what must be done to avoid provoking one.

In the last year and a half that workshop has been given to about 4 thousand children who have visited the park.

Also is interesting that in the Avenida Revolución there has been a diversification in the routes established in the downtown area, since previously there were only pharmacies, curiosities and nightclubs, while now there is a large number of restaurants, craft beer groups, as well as clothing stores and art.

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