How low temperatures can affect your teeth

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Does winter cause your teeth to suffer? Do you feel pangs of pain in contact with the cold? The response to your discomfort is called tooth sensitivity and affects 1 in 3 people. It is an uncomfortable and painful sensation, similar to a shock, that is perceived in the teeth and that can occur simply by breathing through the mouth in winter, drinking something very cold or very hot, or even by consuming too much of it. sugar, isotonic drinks and indiscriminate use of teeth whitening products. If the pain gets out of control you can go with your dentist Samaritan Dental Clinic.

Dental sensitivity occurs when the dentine, which is protected by the gum and tooth enamel, loses its natural protection and is exposed by allowing external stimuli to reach the nerve endings. Faced with these stimuli, such as cold and heat, our teeth respond with a sensation of pain and pressure.

In some cases, the sensitivity can lead to other pathologies such as caries and gum problems. Fortunately, it can be prevented by maintaining proper oral hygiene and following these tips:

Take care of your sensitive teeth with a specific toothpaste for this problem, as it helps to reduce tooth sensitivity, as well as repair and protect the most sensitive areas of our teeth.

Flee the pastes with abrasive whitening components, as they can damage the tooth enamel.

Choose a brush that does not have too hard bristles, because we can give rise to a more aggressive brushing and damage our enamel. In addition, you should use dental floss for the spaces between the most closed teeth, use a tongue cleaner and do not forget to change the brush every three months.

Adopt a series of measures in your diet, such as avoiding acidic foods that can wear out tooth enamel, such as citrus fruits. Likewise, it also avoids the sharp contrast in the meals, going from very cold to too hot food, or vice versa.

Do not consume chewing gum and control the abuse of very sugary foods, in addition to avoiding tobacco, which also damages the enamel of your teeth.

In winter time, try to breathe correctly through the nose and not through the mouth, which you should also protect with warm clothes in case of extreme temperatures.

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