In the face of climate change, workers have a role

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Climate change, if the current warming trend is not reversed, can have important negative effects on public health, working conditions and occupational risks of different groups according to various experts. Although at present there are not many ways to stop and reverse the effects caused to the planet by pollution if we can do some small things to do our part and that does not affect the quality of our work, such as making our work more kind to nature with the materials we use and the use we give, dentists know this very well and that’s why they always make good use of their tools in the Mexico dental clinic.

This dimension adds to the impact it will have on productive activity, the economy and employment analyzed by the advisers of the main governments of the industrialized countries and the United Nations panel of experts.

In addition to the awareness of workers about climate change and the impact of this on their sector of activity, we believe it is important to develop a broader educational work that delves into the mitigation and adaptation measures that will be necessary in the future and that will have strong repercussions on economic activity in each of the sectors of activity.

The role of unions in this new scenario will be really relevant to negotiate the new proposals that will be made in energy and environmental policies within each country, to be also creators of plans that help to adapt and mitigate the effects of this change climate, with the responsibility of thinking about optimal solutions for workers, but without forgetting the need to ensure long-term sustainable production of goods and services.

Istas, with the collaboration of the Foundation for the Prevention of Occupational Risks and different branch organizations of CCOO, has developed six six sectoral guides that aim to be a source of information on debates and policies on climate change and a reference tool for trade unionists want to be actors of a sustainable development both in companies and in society.

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