Teach your children To Love For Nature And Ecology

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When we educate our children it is essential to teach them to take care of their bodies like wash their hands before eating and then brush their teeth like their Tijuana dentist told them, so they do not have cavities but we must also teach them to take care of and respect nature, if we explain it to children, they will hardly forget the learned.

For years it has been said that recycling is fashionable, that being an ecologist is the most “in” but recycling, loving nature and respecting it should not be fashionable because fashions pass by. Here are some small details that will help you take care of the planet.

Clean with non-toxic products. Cleaning products are expensive and generally attack the environment and our bodies. An excellent and cheap solution is Ammonia, water, and alcohol, with that you can clean any surface, and it will be disinfected.

Recycle. Eco families should teach their children from a young age to recycle: paper, glass and organic. When you learn this habit as a child, it will be straightforward to become an adult by maintaining it, and even they will be an example to follow for their friends and, thus, to be spread from generation to generation.

Save paper Environmentally conscious parents can make their children save the document when they draw by having them use both sides of the sheets.

Limit consumerism Currently children believe that having material things is the solution to happiness and satisfaction, just like many parents; you have to be aware and not fall into the constant purchase of trinkets and plastic toys that are forgotten and replaced in a few hours and, nevertheless, generate tons of garbage and pollution.

To play outdoors. Leaving electronic devices for a few hours and making children in contact with nature will make them want it and value it more and, consequently, they want to protect it.

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