What are Solar Panels and How do they Work?

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By now, nearly everyone has heard of solar panels. But interestingly enough, very few people understand how solar energy works with panels. Solar energy is capable when panels capture the sun’s energy and turn it into useable electricity in your home or business. The sun is our natural power source. It adorns our planet with photons–little pockets of energy that travel 93 trillion miles to the Earth in roughly eight and a half minutes. Theoretically, the sun provides enough photons to power the entire planet for a year. Unfortunately, only five tenths of one percentage of power in America is solar power.

Solar technology was once something only the wealthy class could afford. However, solar technology has improved and the cost of solar panels has decreased significantly making our ability to harness the sun’s energy more accessible.  In fact, a 2017 report from the International Energy Agency reveals that solar energy is the fastest growing energy source surpassing all other fuel options. So what does this mean for the homeowner? It means that when working with affordable solar panel companies, homeowners can enjoy a higher quality of living with lower energy bills.

This article is intended to help people get a better understanding of solar panels, solar power, and how the technology works in the hopes it will help people make informed, educated purchasing decisions.

How do Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels work when photons hit conductors. Let’s explore this a bit more. When photons from the sun hit a solar cell, electrons inside atoms are jolted. And when conductors are attached to both the negative and positive sides of cells, electrical current is produced. Then when electrons move through a circuit, electricity is generated and readily available.

Solar panels contain hundreds to thousands of these cells and are grouped into panels that also go by the name modules. They are wired together to create a wide surface capable of harnessing more power. In other words, the more panels you install, the more energy you generate to power your home or business.

PV Solar Panels and DC and AC Electricity

Direct current (DC) electricity is generated by PV solar panels. This is where electrons are moved in a single direction around a circuit. With AC (alternating current) electrons are pulled and pushed in periodic alternating directions. This is how DC and AC electricity is produced using solar panels. America uses the AC power grid simply because it is less expensive to transmit over great distances. On the contrary, solar panels generate DC electricity. Inverters are used to funnel DC electricity into an AC grid, and solar panels for the home make this inexpensive.

Contact a Solar Panel Company Today!

Contact a respected solar panel company to learn more about this energy source and how it can help you save thousands of dollars a year. Solar panels can pay for your next family vacation to Hawaii, or help put your kids through college. The source that powers solar energy is free, and the panels are now more affordable than ever.

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