What Businesses Should Consider when Looking for Oil Tank Removal and Environmental Services

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As a business owner or manager, you want to do all you can to ensure that your business is growing, profitable, and that you provide a safe work space for employees, while being a value to your community. Unfortunately, if your business in in New Jersey, there are potential hidden threats you may have to deal with not common to other states.

At the turn of the century, oil tanks were used to provide heating to businesses and residences. These oil tanks were buried in the ground and were never removed. Because they have a life expectancy of 80 to 100 years, thousands of these oil tanks are deteriorating and already leaking petroleum and toxins into the soil and groundwater. In fact, some are carcinogens even exist in old oil tanks.

It is of high value for businesses to call oil tank removal and environmental services for commercial properties so that experts can perform an oil tank sweet, remove any buried oil tanks, and perform environmental services, if necessary. This article is intended to help new Jersey business owners learn the risks associated with buried oil tanks and learn the importance of contacting an oil tank removal company.

If your Property Has Age, Call an Oil Tank Removal Company

Oil tanks were used at the turn of the century, so if your commercial property dates back to this time, there is a significant change you may have a buried oil tank. But even if your building is new, you could still have one. Check with the city to learn about the history of your land. If a structure or dwelling of any type was build on your land between 1890 and 1920, there could be an oil tank deteriorating in your ground and polluting the area. An oil tank removal NJ company can come out, do an oil tank sweep, and achieve oil tank detection with the use of state-of-the-art technology. If in fact an oil tank is detected, experts will safely remove and dispose of it before performing any soil remediation and environmental services.

How Oil Tank Removal and Environmental Services Come Together

One of the most important things businesses should focus on is this: your oil tank removal company should also perform environmental services. The last thing you want to do is hire two different companies to perform two different services. This can get messy. First, you need to coordinate between two companies, and these two service providers have to talk to one another, which can cause communication gaps. In addition, you would be dealing with two different insurance policies, and it is better to keep all services appropriate to a single policy and claim. Furthermore, having a single oil tank removal company perform the oil tank detection and removal along with environmental services will be more affordable than using multiple service providers, easier to manage, and you will see better quality work.

Environmental Services You can Trust

Whether you are in need of soil remediation after oil tank removal services, or you are looking for environmental construction experts who understand how brown fields can develop during basic construction and cause an environmental concern, look for a company that has certified experts with experience in these scenarios. Also, look for an environmental remediation team that can mobilize with great speed to handle an existing problem. This will allow your contractor to get back on schedule and keep costs at a minimum. Finally, look for environmental services backed by $5,000,000 worth of pollution and liability insurance.  

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