Why Oil Tank Sweep NJ Companies can Be a Homeowner’s Best Friend

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Oil tank sweeping is by far the best way to locate buried oil tanks in NJ, and other states on the east coast. Most existing underground oil tanks have been improperly abandoned and cause extreme hazards and financial liabilities for homeowners.

It is extremely important for New Jersey homeowners to invest in oil tank sweep NJ companies to locate these potential dangers and safely remove and dispose of them while performing soil remediation services, if necessary. A leaking oil tank can contaminate well water, ground water, make your land infertile, and even cause pets and people to become ill from toxic expose.

This article is designed to help New Jersey homeowners learn a bit more about oil tank sweep NJ services, how to determine when it’s time to call a professional oil tank removal company to come assess your land.

Common Warning Signs You have an Undisclosed Buried Oil Tank on Your Property

There are a number of signs you may have a buried oil tank, and every home that has experienced a leaking oil tank has had a number of things in common. These include:


  • Homes built prior to 1975 with natural gas
  • An above-ground oil tank exists to provide fuel for hot water or heat
  • There are visible pipes protruding from the ground
  • The basement has extra lines coming from outside that don’t seem to be productive


If these exist for your current situation, then the probability that you have an undisclosed oil tank buried on your property is highly probable. Having an oil tank sweep NJ service provider come out to search for buried oil tanks is highly recommended to ensure your family’s health and the integrity of your home and land.

Oil Tank Sweep NJ Service Providers Need to Offer Multiple Solutions for Homeowners

As a homeowner, your ultimate goal is to maintain a healthy property. This means an oil tank sweep NJ company needs to offer multiple services. After all, if you went to the doctor only to confirm you had a leaking heart valve, would the diagnosis be enough, or would you want it repaired? Simply identifying the location of a buried oil tank on your property won’t suffice. It needs to be removed, and any contamination to the ground treated by a soil remediation team. This is why your oil tank sweep NJ company should offer oil tank removal services, soil remediation, and other environmental cleanup and oil tank disposal services that are commonly needed when a buried oil tank has been identified.

Call an Oil Tank Sweep NJ Company when Putting Your Home on the Market

If you have an older home, call an oil tank sweep NJ company to come out and inspect the land. If you are in the clear, having this certificate will add resale value to your home. Buyers fear the unknown in older houses, and by providing proof that your property if free from buried oil tanks, you can make your home more attractive to buyers, and this may even allow you to justify a higher sales price.

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